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We are currently a small computer repair company located in Sidney, Ohio. We were formed at the start of 2011. When Brandon Locker converted his home based computer repair business into a LLC and opened an office at 310 N Main Ave. We provide a large variety of solutions for all your data needs from Tax Preparation to Web Site Design to Computer / Electronic Repair.
My name is Brandon Locker. I grew up in and around the Sidney, Ohio area and have remained in the area after my time in the Military. I have a beautiful daughter who means the world to me. When I was about seven years old the computer bug bit me. I found that I enjoyed the challenges of learning all the workings of a computer although at seven I think I may have done more harm than good. I started working with programming and felt in my childhood that working on and with computers was my thing. In high school I placed second in the state for C++ Programming and started dreaming of creating my own business. After leaving the military in Sept. 2001, I found there was little to no jobs in my field and I put my dreams on hold while working in a factory. Even while working in another field I still knew my goal was to start my own business based on computers. In 2002 I started a side business called Kewl Programs (The name of the company I thought of in High School). In 2009 I found myself in need of a job again and decided that I wanted to go back to school and focus on the business I always wanted. In 2011 I turned Kewl Programs into KP Data Solutions, LLC.

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